mightymacros Excel Utilities

mightymacros Excel Utilities 3.38.3

mightymacros provides a useful set of tools for Excel

mightymacros provides a useful set of tools for Excel

mightymacros simplifies many repetitive tasks in Excel with a useful set of tools with fast access from the cell short-cut menu.

The utilities come with on-line help and includes:

1. A shortcut organizer to store your file and folder paths.

2. A multi-sheet hide and protection tool.

3. A multi-find tool that finds and colors for filtering, multiple items with a single click.

4. A navigation tool that maintains row and column header position and comes with a line guide for large worksheets.

5. A multi-lookup tool that can return more than the first match.

6. A multi-header lookup tool that performs multiple lookups across a worksheet.

7. A multi-find and replace tool

8. A multi-filter tool with reverse filtering, that you can save, store and retrieve your filter criteria

9. A store and insert text tool to save repetitive typing.

10. A bookmarks tool where you can sort and arrange sheets,

11. A clean and trim text tool

12. Delete empty rows

13. Insert rows on changing values.

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mightymacros Excel Utilities


mightymacros Excel Utilities 3.38.3

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